From Dead End Jobs to Cash-Rich Careers

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Is there anyone not talking about jobs these days?  From politicians to economists, Main Street to Wall Street, creating jobs is THE hot topic. And no discussion of job creation is complete without the mention of shortages of skilled workers. 

Obsolete job - telegraph editor

Well, over the past week weeks, I’ve been bookmarking articles and blogs about careers to avoid, obsolete jobs, and the best jobs to pursue whether you’re an unemployed worker, disengaged employee, or recent graduate or student seeking a good paying career with a future.



Stopping The ‘Brain Drain’ of the U.S. Economy

This article comes with a twist. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear “brain drain” is the loss of our best talent to foreign countries.  For most of the 80s and 90s, the U.S. was the world’s magnet for the best and the brightest.  But then a funny thing happened. The economies of India and China flourished and the U.S. economy slowed.  Indian and Chinese talent now had more options and many headed home.

Today, the U.S. might be faced with a domestic brain drain. Nearly half of the graduates at some Ivy League schools pursue careers in consulting and finance.  Financially that is rewarding for the graduates. But is this career path siphoning off the best talent from other careers short on talent but long on growth (health care for example). 

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Best jobs of the future

24/7 Wall St. and The Guardian  both published stories about the best jobs of the future. These jobs will grow the most in the next decade and have median incomes well above the national average. Almost without exception, these occupations will be in highest demand because of changes in the nation’s (and most developed country) populations and in the way businesses operate,

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I also found an article highlighting the Best-Paying Jobs for Women. Interesting that a search on Google did not produce a single result featuring the best paying jobs for men!

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Avoid These Jobs

If jobs like lector, copy boy, bowling pin setter, bone crusher, or telegraph editor were high on your list of dream jobs,  STOP and read more about:

1. 15 Careers to Avoid and 2. Obsolete Jobs


Ira S Wolfe