SPS Launches Strategic Success Model

Ira Wolfe, Founder of Success Performance Solutions, and Marilyn Walker, Director of the SPS Assessment Center, completed certification in the Strategic Success Model(SSM) and ASSESS Expert Systems. SSM is a proprietary competency modeling process for linking the performance of professionals and management to strategic goals. ASSESS evalutes the work-related personality and abilities of candidates and employees.

ASSESS assists managers and HR professionals in two critical human resource functions: (1) providing hiring managers constructive means for making effective decisions based on competence or potential for competence and (2) assessing and providing objective feedback regarding the long-term development of key employees.

The SSM process groups 38 core competencies into three general performance areas: Thinking, Working and Relating and then maps these competencies to personality trait patterns. The result is a seamless, integrated solution to link people to strategy and for identifying high-potential employees.

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Ira S Wolfe