Lack of sleep costs billions

Fact #533:  According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation and its effect on work performance may be costing U.S. employers some $18 billion each year in lost productivity.  Another study pushes this cost to over $100 billion.

Fact #534:  Results from a study released in the February 2006 issue of Sleep show that 50 percent of employees who suffer from insomnia have at least one time of absence from work over a two-year period, compared with only 34 percent of good sleepers. Insomniacs also miss an average of 5.8 days of work per year, while good sleepers miss only 2.4 days.

Fact #535: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that fatigue is a factor in at least 100,000 auto crashes and 1,500 deaths each year.

Fact #536: Four percent of people who have had an accident or near accident admitted they were too tired, or actually dozed off while driving. (2005 Sleep in America)

Fact #537: The work absences of employees with insomnia cost an average of $3,025 per employee each year, while the missed days of good sleepers cost an average of $1,250. (Sleep, February 2006)

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Ira S Wolfe