You can pay now…or pay later

My workforce blogging colleague Jim Kissane always comes up with interesting trends and topics.  In his most recent post, he urges organizations to think twice before cutting training.

In his post he notes that "research has shown every 1.5 percent increase in the unemployment rate leads to an approximate 21 percent increase in discrimination claims, explained Shanti Atkins, president and CEO of Ethics and Legal Compliance Training (ELT)." This excerpt was retrieved from an article in Diversity Executive.

“People sue and bring claims when they feel they’ve been treated badly and when their alternatives are scarce,” she explained. “Obviously, in a bad economy when there are fewer jobs, the likelihood of you becoming a litigant is much higher because you don’t have a better-paying job to go to.”

Thus, Diversity, Sensitivity and Compliance Training may be more important than ever.

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Ira S Wolfe