Mompreneurs: Mothers Working at Home

Whether it was the result of downsizing, the allure of work-life balance, or the pull of motherhood, the labor-force participation rate of women ages 25 to 54 with at least four years of college declined from 84.7& in 1994-95 to 81.8% in 2003-04 – and the decline was most pronounced for married women with children under 3.  (Source: Regional Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)

But this doesn’t mean these women weren’t working.  A growing legion of these stay-at-home Moms are redefining the stay-at-home experience by using today’s technology to earn an income without ever setting foot in an office.  These stay-at-home Moms or WAHMs are also known as "mompreneurs".

Because these women are bright, educated, and willing to work part-time, they are a valuable and growing solution to businesses looking to fill positions in a tight labor market.

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Ira S Wolfe