Hirings Up, Workers Down

Fact #331: Three of four companies are not confident their current talent pool will meet future needs. (Source: RHR International, 2004)

Fact #332: Half of companies will lose half of their current senior management by 2010. (Source: RHR International, 2004)

Fact #333: Approximately 50 percent of privately held, women-owned firms in the top 50 metropolitan areas collectively employ 9.5 million people and generate $1.3 trillion in annual sales. (Source: Center for Women’s Business Research) More Women-Owned Business

Fact #334: Almost half of Canada’s workforce will be over age 45 within a decade. (Source: WarrenShepell Research Group)

Fact #335: Workers age 50 years and older experience about 60 per cent more workplace stress than in 2003 and twice the level of workplace conflict. (Source: WarrenShepell Research Group)

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Ira S Wolfe