Recruit Elusive Talent During Extraordinary Challenging Times

The people responsible to recruit elusive talent, from the C-suite to hiring managers, are missing a once-in-a-lifetime trend. This trend encapsulates everything that is wrong with talent acquisition today. And it is going to challenge even the best recruiters and frustrate the most competent managers more in 2017.

That one trend is not the rise of Millennials or Generation Z or the fall of retiring Baby Boomers. It is not globalization or the Internet. It is not social media, text messaging, or even artificial intelligence.  It is not even a new President in the White House.

All of these trends of course are changing the way we work, live, and play.  Each of them in their own right creates a high-impact branch from the tree of life emerging from a sea of change.  But the single most significant event shifting the fundamentals and foundation of conventional recruitment is the acceleration of exponential change.

To highlight how disruptive and fast things are changing, I use the computer hard drive as an example during the presentation.

In 1956 the hard drive was almost 6 feet tall, 5 feet long, and 2 ½ feet wide.  It weighed over 1 ton and stored 5 MB of data, about equal to the size of a single song downloaded from iTunes!  And the cost was “only” $10,000 per MB. (For those of you not so good with math, that would be $50,000 per download!)

Sixty years later, a hard drive can hold over 1 million songs (or 10,240 two-hour movies), fit on your wrist, and cost a mere $0.00003 per MB.

But here’s the thing. The shrinking cost and size of digital storage isn’t even the trend I’m talking about. Exponential change is not limited to technology. Thanks to our growing interdependence on technology, everything we do shifts more frequently with greater volatility than ever before. While it took 60 years to shrink a hard drive, similar transformations now happen every few months…if not weeks or even days. It is not the scope of change that organizations and individuals overlook. It’s the speed of exponential change that passes by like a blur and leaves a path of disruption in its wake. They don’t call this the Age of Acceleration for nothing!

It is within that exponentially changing environment that organizations are trying to recruit elusive talent.  Watch this brief introduction about how recruitment is changing – about the 4 trends that tend to consume us each and every day as well as a few comments about the multi-generation workplace, Millennials, and Generation Z.

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