Will 2017 Be The Tipping Point for HR and Artificial Intelligence?

If artificial intelligence company acquisitions are any indication, then the answer is a resounding yes.  In fact, A.I. might be the next “land grab” with Apple, Google, Intel, Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, GE and Twitter all buying A.I. companies last year.

A.I. competing with human workers
The Perfect Visual of Machine vs Man

Some of these companies were bought for their technology they built. But others were picked up for A.I. researchers. The war games for talent is on!

Expect 2017 to be the year where more and more people pick out clothes online and map and time their commute to avoid an accident, while companies identify fraudulent action on accounts and interact with customers using voice commands and chat apps.

Even online retailer 1-800-Flowers took the plunge. And they didn’t test the waters by dipping their toes in the shallow end but dove headfirst in deep water.  They chose IBM Watson to lead the change. President and CEO Chris McCann expects A.I. to change their business so much that “it will be like the company hadn’t existed before. It can change our market, our supply chain. Everything.”

It is not the first time 1-800-Flowers has undergone a major transformation…and it won’t be the last or only company either.

So let’s bring A.I. home to HR with these questions:

  1. How will A.I. disrupt HR in 2017?
  2. What is your company doing to transform the way you recruit, select, and retain employees?
  3. What steps are you taking to manage the convergence of human workers and machines?

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