Changing Paradigm of Work and Career

I’ve written many articles and blogs about how the definition of work and the meaning of a career has changed.  In the past differences have been targeted at age demographics and/or generations.  But today the new paradigms are pervasive and affect workers and employers regardless of age, generation, or geography. 

Below is a table highly the old verses new paradigms about work and careers.


Old Paradigm vs. New Paradigm
Job Security Employability Security
Longitudinal Career Paths Alternate Career Paths
Job/Person Fit Person/Organization Fit
Organizational Loyalty Job/Task Loyalty
Career Success Work/Family Balance
Academic Degree Continuous Relearning
Position/Title Competencies/Development
Full-Time Employment   Contract Employment
Retirement Career Sabbaticals
Single Jobs/Careers Multiple Jobs/Careers
Change in jobs based on fear Change in jobs based on growth
Promotion tenure based Promotion performance based





Ira S Wolfe