Recommended Reading List – Assessments, Helicopter Parents, Twitter & More

Expanding the Use of Assessments

Best-in-class organizations are using assessments not only to understand the skills and traits employees have today, but also their capacity to grow.

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Helicopter Parents Hover in the Workplace

Helicopter Parents Free DownloadHelicopter parents first made headlines on college campuses a few years ago, when they began trying to direct everything from their children’s course schedules to which roommate they were assigned. With millennial children now in their 20s, more helicopter parents are showing up in the workplace, sometimes even phoning human resources managers to advocate on their child’s behalf.

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Average is Over

In the past, workers with average skills, doing an average job, could
earn an average lifestyle. But, today, average is officially over. Being
average just won’t earn you what it used to. It can’t when so many more
employers have so much more access to so much more above average cheap
foreign labor, cheap robotics, cheap software, cheap automation and
cheap genius.

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Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor, Studies Say

Education was historically considered a great equalizer in American society, capable of lifting less advantaged children and improving their chances for success as adults. But a body of recently published scholarship suggests that the achievement gap between rich and poor children is widening, a development that threatens to dilute education’s leveling effects.       

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10 Ways to Keep Employees Off Twitter

Though Twitter can be a powerful marketing and promotional tool for businesses, it can also cost those same businesses hundreds of lost man hours and reduce productivity. With these ten tips, you can keep the focus on work and off the Twitter feed.

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Ira S Wolfe