Monday Morning Huddle – Workforce Trends You Might Have Missed

Each week I receive and read dozens of articles, posts, and newsletters about workforce trends, recruiting, talent management, and pre-employment testing and screening.  I bookmark the ones I find most interesting. I tweet, Google+ and share many of them on LinkedIn.  A few even incentivize me to write a blog post of my own.  But quite a few just sit quietly in my folders waiting for the right time and topic. This past week seemed to be a prolific week for bloggers. As a result,  I received a surprising number of relevant and timely articles. 

To share them expediently, I’ve decided to start a Monday Morning Huddle, a collection of my favorite readings of the past week.

10 Predictions for 2012: The Top Trends in Talent Management and Recruiting

This is my #1 read this week for several reasons.  First, it should be no surprise that love tracking workforce trends.  Second, the author is Dr. John Sullivan – a brilliant thought leader in HR.

Staffing Industry Trends For 2012 And Beyond, What Are The Experts Predicting?

For more trends, you might find this article interesting. You might find a familiar name on the list of experts (me!) along with my good friend Joyce Gioia, Cheryl Cran, and Karl Pillemer.  Trends include persistent high unemployment, demand for knowledge workers,  free agency. and a growing multi-generation workforce.

SAP Acquires SuccessFactors

The acquisition of SuccessFactors by SAP has certainly disrupted the performance management marketplace, especially for small business.  While I never felt our SimpleEvals Online Performance Review system was a direct competitor to SuccessFactors, this acquisition only solidifies our position as one of the few providers targeting small business.

How’s Your Talent Doing?

The use of pre-employment assessments is growing. But assessments are expanding beyond pre-employment screening into development and succession planning.

Shocking News? Young Employees Most Likely To Leave Jobs

HR Blogger Mike Haberman always does a great job keeping us updated on what’s happening in HR.  This post caught my attention with my interest in the generation mix as well as employee retention.

Today’s Critical Skill? Critical Thinking

A great article about what happens when excellent critical thinking skills are lacking in senior managers.  Just consider the decision Netflix made to change its subscription plan, and the backlash prompted 800,000 subscribers to quit the service and its stock fell 37 percent in one day.


Ira S Wolfe