Surprise! The War for Talent Is Heating Up

Despite a stubborn unemployment rate near 9 percent, a new survey reveals a compelling and threatening message for employers who might be feeling a bit complacent and lax in adapting a new environment for recruiting and retaining qualified workers:


Hiring Expectations

Here’s 6 signs that the war for talent is heating up:

  • 77 percent of companies surveyed expect hiring competition to increase;
  • One-third of the companies expect significantly more competition for talent;
  • 47 percent currently recruit from competitors; another 14 percent plan to start;
  • 57 percent of employers are concerned with competitors recruiting their employees;
  • 58 percent use recruiting passive candidates as their leading strategy for competing against other employers; (54 percent use benefits; 47 percent use flexible hours; 30 percent use higher compensation.)
  • One-third of employers expect new employees to stay 2 years or less; 79 percent expect them to stay 3 to 5 years or less.




Ira S Wolfe