Hiring Recruiters in Higher Numbers Signals Job Recovery

A sure sign of spring is when the buds emerge and the flowers peek through the ground.  Likewise, a tell tale sign of a job recovery is when employers start hiring.  When they start hiring recruiters, the forecast may call for a bumper crop.

And that’s exactly what is happening at several companies who are beefing up their recruiting staffs as hiring demands increase. Hiring is increasing slowly.  But it is increasing steadily and the trend is expected to continue and accelerate in 2011. This uptick in hiring is driven by growth in business and an expected increase in retirements.

In a survey conducted this summer, CLC Recruiting, a unit of research organization Corporate Executive Board Co., found that about half of companies planned to increase their recruiting staffs and 19% expected to shrink them through May 2011. Last year, 6% planned to grow their staffs and about a quarter planned to shrink them.

In November, the number of U.S. job postings with recruiter in the title rose 20% from June to 5,306 on Indeed.com, which aggregates job posts from thousands of company websites and job boards. That’s a very positive sign because companies won’t hire recruiters if they weren’t expecting to hire employees in larger numbers.

Executives are expecting a wave of retirements of key staff over the next few years.  The oldest edge of the Baby Boomers begins to turn 65 years old in 2011.  In response to those retirements and company growth, companies have begun to build a database of possible candidates that could fill management, science and engineering roles, even before those positions open.

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Ira S Wolfe


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    this is really an exact fact . in big companies this method only they are following to recruiter employee to their companies. but they give a time and a chance like the season of spring and then the spring time comes through the way of some recruiter and consultancy . nice share with a good exacration. thanks for this share.