Survey: DId You Recognize Your Boss on National Boss Day?

Saturday was National Boss Day.  I found it odd that National Boss Day was celebrated on a weekend.  Certainly a lot of people work on the weekends but even more don’t.  And while many stores are open, production lines are running, and transportation is flowing, a lot of bosses aren’t working during a weekend shift. Isn’t that the equivalent of throwing a party and not inviting the guest?

Even more surprising to me was how few people even knew it was National Boss Day.  In the past it seemed like the day received a lot more attention.  I remember when stores prominently pitched purchasing “boss” cards and gifts and business organizations promoted the day in their newsletters and email alerts.  I belong to numerous business organizations including four Chambers of Commerce. I receive dozens of emails weekly announcing events, news, and opportunities.  But not a single one – not one- mentioned National Boss Day in any of their publications during the week leading up to October 16.  That is nearly 180 degrees from what happens when other recognition are promoted such as Administrative Professionals Week or National Nurses Week.

I realize that many of you are thinking, “who cares.”  For some, recognition one week a year after being abused, berated, and mismanaged by a bad boss for the remaining 51 weeks is demeaning and meaningless. Others might relish that fleeting moment in the spotlight just like a child welcomes a band-aid on a gaping wound because it makes him feel better.

So…I’m asking for your help.  Please complete the following survey. It takes seconds…no fooling!  Let us know if you recognized your boss on National Boss Day or if you are a boss, were you recognized?  Click here to complete the survey.  I’ll release the results on or before November 1.


Ira S Wolfe


  1. Elinda Hagan, RN, BSN October 17, 2010 at 6:16 pm -

    I think recognition is important in all fields and a Saturday is not good day for National Boss Day. Years ago, I remember it being on a Wednesday. Grandparents Day is another holiday that is not recognized like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is. As for me, I did not know it was until I read this blog.