Absenteeism Doctor Offers Rx for Unplanned Lost Work Days

The “Absenteeism Doctor,” Bill Shapiro, is making a house call this week on Workforce Trends.  Bill is the owner of Workplace Medical Corporation.

Absenteeism Management is one of the biggest challenges facing HR executives. Few companies know the true cost of absenteeism. It is estimated that on average, companies spend 10% – 15% of payroll on lost time and 50% – 75% of lost time are short duration absences.  And it’s about to get much worse.  With populations aging quickly in both the U.S. and Canada, “innocent” absences – those missed work days due to acute illnesses as well as chronic conditions – are on the rise. That’s not even considering the one-third of employees who play “hooky” every now and then.

Join me on June 9 at 11 AM EDT when I welcome my guest absenteeism management expert Bill Shapiro who will share how he helps companies manage absenteeism and, and as a result, achieve significant savings.


Ira S Wolfe