Good news: Small business is hiring

Despite obstinately high unemployment and continuous layoffs in manufacturing and construction, business is starting to pick up. The bread-and -butter of my business is pre-employment and other employee assessments tests.  When businesses aren't hiring and promoting, managers stop calling to order tests.  That was certainly the case throughout the 1st quarter of 2009.  But beginning in May and continuing throughout June and July, we've experienced a significant uptick in orders and requests for information and quotes.  In fact, business in June and July was on par with business during 2005 to 2008, the most robust period in my company's history.

This is a good sign for businesses…and job seekers.  If managers are calling about pre-employment tests, it means they are hiring or planning to hire soon. I'm not in a business that people just call to chat because they have nothing else to do. To the contrary, many of our orders arrive at the last minute. So when I see a sustained uptick in business, it's usually a leading indicator that businesses are hiring.

I shared more of my thoughts and hiring predictions in an interview this week with Your Money Talks host Jerry Slusiewicz.  You can listen to the 10-minute inteview in its entirety by clicking here. (FYI – my interview begins about the mid-way point during the podcast.)


Ira S Wolfe