Dads working longer hours and second jobs

One-quarter of employed dads are working longer hours and second jobs to keep up with current economic pressures, according to Adecco Group North America’s latest American Workplace Insights Survey.

The economy is hitting home in many ways – half (49%) of working parents admit they wish they could spend more time with their kids.  Over half (54%) have cut their family’s budget and about 1/3 (31%) say they think their children know what’s happening in the economy.

“These findings are great reminders as we celebrate Father’s Day, that Dads are just as affected by increased pressure as Moms,” says working father Rich Thompson, Vice President of Training and Development at Adecco Group North America.  “Sometimes employers tend to recognize and address the pressures of working moms over working dads.   It’s more important now than ever, that employers take these pressures into account as they are managing their teams."  

Adecco Group North America offers the following tips for employers to reduce stress felt on their employees: 

  • Recognize achievements:  It may not be feasible to reward employees with salary or bonus increases, but there are non-monetary based ways to show appreciation.  Allowing employees to telecommute once a week to save on commuting costs or developing an internal reward or recognition program will go a long way in demonstrating value.

  • Focus on productivity over face time:  Employees should be evaluated by their work over simply the time they are in the office.  Allowing more flexible work arrangements will help working parents better manage their work-life balance.

  • Understand the unique skills of working parents:  Parents are experts in multi-tasking, prioritizing and negotiating.  Employers should be as flexible as possible to best meet the needs of their business as well as their employees.



Ira S Wolfe