Working Moms working harder and more stressed this Mother’s Day

According to Adecco Group (the largest staffing agency in the world) North America’s latest American Workplace Insights Survey in honor of Mother’s Day, more than three quarters of women are working because they have to, not because they want to. Additionally, almost half (48%) of working moms are more stressed due to the current economic climate and the majority (65%) are cutting their family budget.

Other stats you may find interesting include:

  • Half (48%) of working moms wish they could spend more time with their kids

  • Nearly one in five (16%) reporting that their work hours have increased in this economy.

  • Nearly one in five (19%) of working moms are overcompensating by purchasing material goods for their children.

  • 13% of working moms went back to working full-time in this economy.

  • Nearly 1/3 (30%) or working moms feel overwhelmed with responsibilities at home

What employers also need to take into consideration is that in 1950 only 33.9% of working age women were employed compared to 60% today.  For more information about working women and other workforce trends, visit


Ira S Wolfe