Unemployed Lean On Libraries To Land Jobs

Public libraries are seeing increased traffic due the large numbers of unemployed people coming in to use the free services.

A lot of the people coming in are using computers to research and apply for jobs, said Robert Finch, the assistant director of the Rogers (AK) Public Library. There is a time limit on the 60 computers and some folks are exceeding the limit trying to fill out as many applications as they can, Finch said.

If you're unemployed, check with your local library. Many have special resources, including online employer databases and other job search tools, in addition to computers and textbook.

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Ira S Wolfe


  1. Rhonda Kleiman April 13, 2009 at 5:22 pm -

    As the Economic Development Manager for the Library System of Lancaster County (PA) I can confirm that public libraries around the country are busier than ever due to both the economy and unemployment situation. There have been numerous stories about this in both national newspapers, in professional journals and the evening news. Unfortunately, while we are busier than ever, public libraries are experiencing significant budget cuts and this is putting additional strain on them. Libraries are responding to the needs of unemployed patrons by offering classes on job-seeking skills and resume writing, posting resources on websites, and partnering with organizations such as workforce investment boards. In addition, many public libraries provide free access to licensed business databases such as ReferenceUSA, Hoovers, First Research, etc., where job seekers can develop prospective employer contact lists and see which industries are doing better than others.