Know your career ‘inflection points’

Everyone has probably head the quote attributed to Albert Einsten that insanity is defined as "doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result."  Well current events are laced with the dangers of his sage and wisdom.  Just look at the failed auto and airline industries who for the past forty years following the same business model only to find themselves on the brink of bankrupty and maybe extinction.

The same errant behavior and beliefs hold true for many employees, managers and executives.  What got them to where they are today will not likely get them where they need tomorrow. 

My friend and colleague Matt Angello at Bright Tree Consulting Group wrote an excellent column on his blog describing what he calls "inflection points," or the crossroads where your skills and behaviors must change if you expect to keep moving forward in the right direction.

Matt writes:

The problem is that too many people either do not recognize the change, or do not see the need to change. After all, the behaviors and skills they have employed up to that point are like “old friends.” They have reliably served them and have been the formula for success. So they go back to the same well, again and again. But like a friendship gone terribly bad, the skills betray them as they prove ineffective at the next level. Predictably, their advancement stalls.

You can read Matt's full post at Know the Inflection Points


Ira S Wolfe