Best free sites about Swine Flu

The media, the government and the public are watching the most recent outbreak of swine flu with growing concern.  The chances of a severe epidemic appear to be relatively small, especially since the CDC has reported that the swine flu virus is "susceptible" to the anti-viral drugs oseltamivir, aka Tamiflu, and zanamivir, aka Relenza.  The threat nonetheless is very real.

The best cure is always prevention.  So I've pulled together a few sites to serve as a quick reference guide to keep current with this rapidly changing story, .   

First, visit the CDC and Red Cross sites.  You'll learn more about the swine flu. Tips will help you avoid  contracting the illness. There's also help in identifying symptoms.

The World Health Organization and federal government sites are also excellent sources.

You can also map the outbreaks. At Google Maps, you'll see a swine flu map. Cases are plotted on the map. There's also HealthMap. It plots disease outbreaks from the past 30 days. By default, it shows a variety of different diseases.




Ira S Wolfe