America’s Weighty Problem

As a nation obesity levels have skyrocketed over the last three decades. Today, overweight and obese employees make up over two-thirds of the workforce, costing employers up to $1, 991 per person, per year, in excess medical and productivity costs. By 2020 it is projected that over 70% of Americans will be overweight and over 40% will be obese.

Despite a $40 billion weight loss industry, it is clear that present attempts to curb the obesity epidemic are unsuccessful. The “solutions,” mostly popular diets or unproven over-the-counter dietary supplements, are focused on short-term weight loss goals rather than life-long health and fall short of offering the kind of support individuals need to change their behaviors for the long term.  A combination of the genetic predisposition to gain and retain weight and an unsupportive environment where too often the unhealthy choice is the easiest choice has set us up for failure.

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Ira S Wolfe