Job boom for workers with skills to compete

Skilled jobs remain unfilled as American workers fail to develop the necessary qualifications. According to Skills 2 Compete, a non-partisan campaign geared to ensuring our workforce competitiveness, every U.S. worker needs to have access to at least two years of post-high school education or training. This will enable Americans to fill the largest portion of jobs in the U.S. economy—the ones in the middle of the skilled labor market which require some training past high school, but not a four-year degree. THAT’s where the jobs are.

We’re talking welders, dental hygienists, laboratory technicians, plumbers, and other trades that can be learned at vocational and technical schools.

Here’s an astonishing fact from For every job requiring a bachelor’s or advanced degree, twice as many require more than high school but less than a four-year degree.

Sounds like a great way to ensure your future and avoid taking on crippling levels of student loan debt, doesn’t it?


Ira S Wolfe