Good News for the Class of 2008

College seniors fretting about finding jobs amid an ailing economy may want to come in off the ledge. The economy, it seems, is not deterring employers from recruiting college graduates.  Read more at Good News for Class of 2008.

New Book: Coming Job Boom – Available April 2008

Ira S Wolfe, author of the Perfect Labor Storm blog and Perfect Labor Storm 2.0 book, recently collaborated with Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder on a new book, The Coming Job Boom.  Bonnie is the author of The Public School Parent’s Guide to Success. The Coming Job Boom is the "ying" for the "yang" of The Perfect Labor Storm.  While the Perfect Labor Storm is beginning to make managers feel like storm chasers looking for qualified workers, high school and college students must be smiling at this Upcoming Job Boom. For those young workers with the right skills and motivation, the job market will make these kids feel like  – well, like kid’s in a candy store! The book release is scheduled for April 2008. Watch for more info in future newsletters.


Ira S Wolfe