More Perfect Labor Storm Sightings

Iowa’s looming skilled worker shortage threatens the state’s economy, business representatives and state department leaders told lawmakers Monday.  Read more.

"We have people coming here with a high school or two-year college degree who don’t have critical skills," Vance Hays (Standard Industrial) said.  Marvin Carraway, the retired general manager of Clarksdale (MS) Public Utilities, echoed Hays’ sentiments. "The young people can’t read a blueprint or know how to use basic tools."  Read more.

According to the AMA, in many communities around the United States, there is a physician shortage, which presents a serious health care problem. For a host of reasons, more than twenty million people are affected by the inability to access quality medical services.

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Across Metro Detroit, health systems have turned the spotlight on retaining and attracting nurses, an effort begun amid huge vacancies several years ago and projections that the nursing crunch will only worsen as aging Americans seek more medical care and older nurses retire. In Michigan the shortfall of nurses is expected to reach 18,000 by 2015.

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Wyoming’s booming economy is making it harder for employers in Cheyenne to find workers…… job growth in Wyoming will continue to exceed the state’s population growth.  Read more.

Auckland City patients are at a higher level of risk of medication errors than usual because of an unprecedented shortage of pharmacists.  The scarcity of pharmacists is the latest in an unending series of health-worker shortages to afflict parts of Auckland or the whole country, some of the worst being among junior doctors, pathologists and anaesthetic technicians.  Read more.


Ira S Wolfe