Top Ten Workplace Trends for 2006-2007

The 2006-2007 SHRM Workplace Forecast examines the issues that are affecting

macro- trends in the workplace. The forecast surveyed a random sample of 1,232 SHRM members. The top ten trends overall are:

    1.  Rising health care costs

    2.  Increased use of outsourcing/off-shoring of jobs to other countries

    3.  Threat of increased health care/medical costs on the economic

        competitiveness of the United States

    4.  Increased demand for work/life balance

   5.  Retirement of large numbers of baby boomers around the same time

    6.  New attitudes toward aging and retirement as baby boomers reach

        retirement age

    7.  Rise in the number of individuals and families without health


   8.  Increase in identity theft

    9.  Work intensification as employers try to increase productivity with

        fewer employees

    10. Vulnerability of technology to attack or disaster

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Ira S Wolfe