40% Absenteeism: Are you prepared?

How prepared are you to keep your business running if 40 percent of your employees don’t show up for work?  That is exactly what Ira S Wolfe discusses in his June 7, 2006 issue of The Total View.  To read this and the other columns listed below, go to:


     1. How Prepared Are You If 40 Percent of Your Workers Don’t Show Up for Work?

     2. Perfect Labor Storm Alerts #541 to #542

     3. Executive Clues

     4. Quotes from Hire Authorities

     5. Managers vs. Leaders

     6. Why Are So Many Employees Avoiding Vacations?

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Ira S Wolfe


  1. R Justin August 27, 2006 at 10:13 pm -

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    with no period.

  2. R Justin August 27, 2006 at 10:05 pm -

    We had a number of clients who can’t operate if enough people don’t show up to work as raised by your article.
    One of the things we developed was a tool called “ATS” to promptly notify an employer if someone isn’t going to be there.
    This automated notification system records information from an employee’s phone call and is converted to electronic information which is immediately made available over the WEB to HR and supervisors so they can plan man power needs. It also keeps employee absence records which are immediately available to designated people to enforce personnel policies. If you are interested in how this tool might help spot the crisis you described in advance please look at http://www.qquest.com/ATS/tabid/62/Default.aspx.