Study finds hiring right personality equals 14 times more engaged employee

In a recent DDI (Development Dimensions International, Inc.) 44 percent of managers said their most significant hiring surprise was that a candidate’s personality in the interview differed from what they are actually like on the job.

(Study of 3,800 employees in different industries and roles, DDI identified six personal characteristics – adaptability, passion for work, emotional maturity, positive disposition, self-efficacy, and achievement orientation – that when combined help predict a candidate’s probability of being an “engaged contributor” in the organization.

Candidates which show a blend of these traits – which can be measured in pre-employment tests – are 14 times more likely to become highly engaged employees.

The study found employees with engaged supervisors were more engaged themselves and were nearly 20 percent less likely to leave the organization within a year.

Source:  Human Resource Executive, February 2006

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Ira S Wolfe