U.S. workers waste 2 out of 5 workdays

Unclear objectives, lack of team communication and ineffective meetings are among the top time wasters that workers around the world say make them feel unproductive for as much as a third of their workweek on average, according to results of an online Microsoft® Office survey.

According to the survey of nearly 40,000 people in 200 countries, U.S. workers clock an average of 45 hours per week, but consider 16 hours are wasted.

In the U.S, the biggest productivity pitfalls were procrastination — picked by 42 percent of those polled — lack of team communication (39 percent), and ineffective meetings (34 percent).

More than a third of the hours down the tubes are those wasted in meetings, said American respondents, who estimated that they spent 5.5 hours in meetings per week, with 71 percent of those workers feeling meetings are unproductive.


Ira S Wolfe