Presenteeism isn’t about pretending to be ill to avoid work or surfing the Internet when you should be preparing a report. Presenteeism is productivity loss resulting from real health problems.

Fact #276: Depression set U.S. employers back $35 billion a year. (Source: JADA)

Fact #277: Arthritis, headaches, and back problems cost U.S employers nearly $47 billion a year. (Source: JADA)

Fact #278: The total cost of presenteeism in the United States is more than $105 billion a year. (Source: American Productivity Audit)

Fact #279: On-the-job productivity loss resulting from depression and pain is roughly 3X greater than absence-related productivity loss attributed to these conditions. (Source: American Productivity Audit)

Fact #280: Allergies, which affect rougly 25% of the U.S. population during the spring and fall seasons cause a productivity loss of 7 percent among workers. (Source: American Productivity Audit)


Ira S Wolfe