Skilled Workers – Perfect Labor Storm Facts #271 to #275

Many people believe education is the cure for the impending (and even current) skilled worker shortages. Few however are willing to address how serious the situation really is.

Fact #271: Fewer than one in four high school graduates who took the ACT test have taken the coursework necessary to succeed in college. (Source: ACT, Inc)

Fact #272: Only 22 percent of the 1.2 million high school graduates who took the exam this year (2004) were ready for college coursework in math, English and science. (Source: ACT, Inc)

Fact #273: Skills that employers are increasingly demanding are ability to work in a team, solve complex problems, and communicate clearly in print and in person. (Source: Coplin, 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College)

Fact #274: Skills that will keep workers marketable in the near term are self-motivation, time management, strong oral and written communication, relationship building, salesmanship, problem solving, information evaluation and leadership. (Source: Futurist Update, Feb 2004)

Fact #275: In the future, even more emphasis will be placed on skills that cannot be automated – caring, judgment, intuition, ethics, inspiration, friendliness, and imagination. (Source: Futurist, Sep-Oct 2004)

More Facts available at “The Perfect Labor Storm” website.


Ira S Wolfe