Employees Who Fail To Show Up For Work

Fact #306: The rate of unscheduled absenteeism has climbed to a five-year high of 2.4 percent. (Source: CCH Inc.)

Fact #307: Late minute no-shows cost organizations an average of $610 per employee. (Source: CCH Inc.)

Fact #308: Only 38 percent of employee who fail to show up for work are due to personal illness. 62 percent are for other reasons including family issues (23 percent), personal needs (18 percent), stress (11 percent) and entitlement mentality (10 percent). (Source: CCH Inc.)

Fact #309: Paying the price for low morale: Organizations reporting low employee moral have higher rates and costs of absenteeism. Rates are more than one-third higher among companies with poor/fair morale. (Source: CCH Inc.)

Fact #310: Employers with poor’fair morale set aside 4.9 percent of their budgets to cover the costs of absent workers compared to just 4.0 percent for organizations with good/very good morale. (Source: CCH Inc.)

Fact #311: Companies with low morale are more likely to experience unscheduled absenteeism due to stress (15 percent). (Source: CCH Inc.)

Fact #312: Employees showing up sick for work (presenteeism) is a far bigger problem for companies with low morale – 52 percent of organizations with poor/fair morale compared to 31 percent with organizations with good/very good morale. (Source: CCH Inc.)

Fact #313: 39 percent of employers said presenteeism is a problem in their organizations.
(Source: CCH Inc.)

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Ira S Wolfe