Coming Soon: Major Labor Shortage

Coming Soon to a Location Near You: Major Labor Shortage

Featured in HRWire, November 1, 2004

Fact #296:  Half of today’s working nurses will reach retirement age by 2015 (Source: John Challenger)

Fact #297:   The average age of construction workers is approaching the mid-50s. (Source: John Challenger)

Fact #298:  By 2006, 31 percent of workers in the federal government – nearly half a million – will be eligible to retire. (Source: John Challenger)

Fact #299:  Nationally 14 percent of the workforce is 55 or older. (Source: BLS)
Fact #300: While one in eight Americans was 65+ in 1999, this ratio will rise to one in five by 2030, (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

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Ira S Wolfe