Americans Working More, Sleeping Less – Should Employers Be Worried?

Fact #316: The percentage of US employers offering paid vacations dropped to 87 percent in 2003 from 95 percent in 1999, (Source: SHRM)

Fact #317: Americans receive 16 days off each year, but are so consumed with work that they take 14. Italians receive 42; the French, 37; Germans, 35, and South Korean and Japanese employees get 25 each. (Source:

Fact #318: As many as 47 million adults may be putting themselves at risk for injury, health and behavior problems because they aren’t meeting their minimum sleep need in order to be fully alert the next day. (Source: National Sleep Foundation)

Fact #319: Nearly 40 percent of US employees working more than 50 hours per week. (Source: National Sleep Foundation)

Fact #320: Two-thirds of older adults (67%) report frequent sleep problems, however only a small fraction, one in eight, says those problems have been diagnosed. (Source: National Sleep Foundation)

Fact #321: Direct costs of insomnia, which include dollars spent on insomnia treatment, healthcare services, hospital and nursing home care, are estimated at nearly $14 billion annually. Indirect costs such as work loss, property damage from accidents and transportation to and from healthcare providers, are estimated to be $28 billion. (Source: National Sleep Foundation and NIH)

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Ira S Wolfe